About the program

Every year, Amant Studio & Research Residency Program awards artists from around the world with research-oriented residencies in its brand new campus in Brooklyn, NY. During the three-month duration of each residency period, four artists are provided with individual studio spaces, an expense allowance, as well as resources to support long-term research projects and archival work.

With experimental practices within the visual arts, cultural theory, writing, filmmaking, and performance, the residents form a central part of Amant’s dynamic multidisciplinary programming. A significant portion of our Study Lines and Ongoing Series are informed by ideas related to the residents’ research, including Brooklyn Through the Eyes Of, Open Exchange, Discoursed & Discussed, and Show Tell Toast.

Amant also supports each resident’s artistic research by facilitating access to relevant institutions, archives, and scholars in New York City. By listening to and engaging with the many perspectives the city has to offer, each artist has the opportunity to enrich their creative practice and gain access to New York’s world-renowned art scene.

Echoing the general ethos of Amant, the Studio & Research Residency Program places a special emphasis on thinking alongside narratives that have not been validated, interpreted, or recorded by art history and history, fostering an active dialogue with local organizations and communities, art professionals, and cultural producers at large. Above all else, Amant is committed to providing residents with the time and support they need to experiment.

Residencies are awarded by an annual open call. This is the only time artists can apply to the Amant Studio & Research Residency Program.

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Questions about the residency can be addressed to residencies@amant.org

Amant provides a stimulating and flexible environment for international practitioners to conduct their artistic research in New York for a period of three months. Located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the residency program encourages its residents to explore, in-depth, the resources offered by the city’s numerous cultural institutions, archives, and universities, and offers the possibility to engage in conversation with art professionals and practitioners, many of whom are fortuitously based in Brooklyn.

Located at 306 Maujer St., across the street from the buildings that host Amant’s exhibition galleries, offices, and Bookstore & Café, the four residency studios share a large private green courtyard with Géza, Amant’s performance space, offering a rich cultural context for innumerable exchanges and experiences.

The residency comprises:

Individual studios, a private communal area, and access to outdoor spaces within Amant’s campus.

Roundtrip economy flights and airport transfers to NY.

A monthly expense allowance of USD$3,000.00 to offset the costs of accommodation, transport and day-to-day expenses. Please note that Amant studios are not residential.

The opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the artistic team at Amant and New York City’s cultural and academic community.

Building on Amant’s goal of fostering process-oriented practices and multiple forms of knowledge, programs offered to the residents (and in some cases to the general public) take on different formats and temporalities. In addition to organizing individual studio visits with local cultural producers, as well as private meetings and small gatherings with Amant’s staff and special guests, the NY Residency also integrates its artists into Amant’s Public Programs and Ongoing Series.

The residency welcomes applications from emerging artists as well as from artists with professional standing in their field who are currently working on the research stage of a project. Proposals are accepted from creative practitioners and academics from a variety of disciplines within the contemporary arts: visual artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, and theorists.

The residency is self-directed and research-based, as the studios are not designed for the production or fabrication of large-scale artworks. Residents are encouraged to participate in an active dialogue with other residents and with Amant’s staff, as well as in Amant´s many public programs and activities. We highly value engagement in cross-disciplinary conversations.

Artists currently based in New York are ineligible for the Amant Studio & Research Residency Program.

Each residency period has a duration of three months, with four residents at a time, for a total of eight artists per year. There is a Fall residency and a Spring residency.

Amant conducts an open call at the end of each calendar year and selects the eight artists for the Fall and Spring residency periods. Applications are only accepted during this annual open call.

Applicants should submit a specific research proposal outlining their interests and intentions during the residency. This proposal can only be submitted via Amant’s application system, which is available once a year.

The candidates are selected by a professional committee that includes Amant’s internal senior team and three external advisors. Unfortunately, due to the large number of applicants, Amant does not provide individual feedback and only contacts the selected artists after each open call.

Selection Committee 2021-2022

Our first season’s committee members are Lauren Cornell, Director of the Graduate Program and Chief Curator at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, NY; Elvira Dyangani Ose, The Showroom Director, London; and Reem Fadda, Director of Abu-Dhabi Cultural Center, Abu-Dhabi.

Elvira Dyangani Ose is Director of The Showroom, London. She is affiliated to the Department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths and the Thought Council at the Fondazione Prada. Previously, she served as Creative Time Senior Curator, Curator of the eighth edition of the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary art, and Curator International Art at Tate Modern.
Reem Fadda is a curator and art historian. From 2010 to 2016, Fadda worked at the Guggenheim Museum as Associate Curator, Middle Eastern Art, Abu Dhabi Project. From 2005 to 2007, Fadda was Director of the Palestinian Association for Contemporary Art (PACA), Ramallah and served as Academic Director for the International Academy of Art Palestine, Ramallah.
Lauren Cornell is the Director of the Graduate Program and Chief Curator at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. Previously, Cornell was the Curator and Associate Director of Technology Initiatives at the New Museum. She curated the 2015 New Museum Triennial, with artist Ryan Trecartin, and the 2009 New Museum Triennial, with Massimiliano Gioni and Laura Hoptman. From 2005–2012, Cornell served as Executive Director of Rhizome, an organization that commissions, exhibits, and preserves art engaged with technology.

Open Call 2022-2023
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