Eduardo Navarro
Eduardo Navarro says: “I think the experience of my work should work beyond the mind, like becoming a horse, dancing with clouds, eating a drawing or reaching the inside of a hearing flower. My proposals aim to create new languages that allow us to speak to the uncertain. These intuitive belief systems demand a state of contemplation in order to allow us to become the subject matter. I think the practice of meditation plays a crucial role in reaching a state of pure contemplation. A crystal sphere always becomes the image it reflects, and it is commonly used as a metaphor to explain consciousness as the ultimate reality from which all images reflect upon and build the world. So how can this state of pure contemplation of the reflected images become an artistic exercise? This is the question that I will be exploring during my time at Amant.”
Eduardo Navarro was born in Buenos Aires. Recent solo exhibitions were presented at Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala (2021); Gasworks, London (2020); Pivô, São Paulo (2019) MAC Niterói, Rio de Janeiro (2019); the Drawing Center, New York (2018); der TANK, Basel (2017); and Museo Tamayo, Mexico City (2016). His work has been shown at Castello de Rivoli, Turin (2018); TBA21–Academy, Vienna (2017); the São Paulo Biennial (2016 and 2010); the New Museum Triennial, New York (2015); the Sharjah Biennial (2015); MALBA, Buenos Aires (2015); and Mercosul Biennial (2013 and 2009).