Leah Whitman-Salkin
Leah Whitman-Salkin’s practice is centered on the collaborative aspects of editing, with a focus on translation and publishing as a way of making things public. She is the founding editor of Montana, a book series published by Sternberg Press that explores the adjacencies of the political and the poetic, the literary and the visual. Leah also cofounded the bookshop 28 November in Tirana (Albania)‚ an experiment in community space, alternative distribution, and publishing practices. There, she co-organizes Radical Sense, a radical feminist reading group that has met weekly since 2018.

During her residency at Amant, she will research the woman after whom she named her book series: Montana (1950–2000), who designed clothing, was a sex worker, was an early member of the Moosewood Collective Restaurant, and maybe inspired the film Working Girls. Leah aims to “map her worlds, meet her people, pursue broken paths” to then develop a text she will publish in the book series.

Radical Sense, Reader Volume 1, 2018