Shamica Ruddock
Shamica Ruddock works between sound and moving image to consider the ways Black diasporas are engaged and explored. In particular, they are interested in how Black technosonic production functions as a form of speculation, narrativizing, and worldmaking. They revisit traditional practices, such as Afro-Caribbean puppetry, masquerade, and oral folk storytelling traditions within a broader methodology of speculative worldbuilding and imagined futures, where paths connect ancestral and future kin.

At Amant, Shamica will continue their work on the Temporal Processing Unit, an ongoing research strategy and sonic storytelling device that signals Black sonic vernacular traditions. The Temporal Processing Unit asks: “what is found here that is lost elsewhere?” Within this research and storytelling framework, Shamica currently focuses on sonic practices of Maroon societies as well as of early free communities in the Americas. During their residency at Amant they will consider the history of Seneca Village and other sites across New York.

Deciphering a Broken Syntax (2022), South London Gallery. Photo courtesy of Andy Stagg