Taylor Le Melle
(born 1988, USA)

Taylor Le Melle is a writer. They especially gravitate towards stories that employ the trope of a dead or otherwise absent main character. They try to ingest rosemary early each morning, for clarity.

They did not finish architecture school, and believe that people should do and make things in whatever way feels pleasurable to them, regardless of how they professionally identify. Their recent work has included curating exhibitions, facilitating groups, building infrastructures, producing audio tracks, diagrams, and objects. Mostly they consider these latter three examples to be “draft objects”.

Insomuch as artistic practice is a form of not-work (i.e., play-as-labor), they have taken acute interest in the labor conditions within artistic ecosystems, in notions of property and value, knowledge creation, intuition, cycles of healing and somatic therapy.

At Amant, Le Melle read books outdoors for as long as the weather permits. And visit the archives of a selection of historical figures. They will write, mostly fiction, in the form of dramatic verse, poetry, prose. They plan to draw a lot and make diagrams, learn basic animation skills as well as re-acquaint with object-based techniques like carpentry, welding and screen-printing in the nearby Brooklyn warehouses.

Le Melle, born in 1988 in Flushing, currently lives and works in London and Rotterdam. In 2021 they edited and published Orion J. Facey’s science-fantasy novel The Virosexuals (PSS) and completed a three-year term as co-director of not/nowhere, an artists’ workers cooperative based in East London.