Jordan Deal

Jordan Deal’s investigative practice uses performance, sound, and image as a conduit between the interdimensional highways that connect ancestral and spiritual knowledge with worlds of thought, ideas, and modes of understanding. Using their body as filter, mirror, and conductor between audience, sound, site, and imagery, their process is a deep collaboration between the gaze of the audience (the perception, interference, and surveillance of), the site (land), and the filters of language.

Deal is currently working on a 3-part project, Flight of a thousand psalms to paradise, where their debut sonic album GOGO UNDERWORLD (part 1A of the project) explores the underworld as a site of reflection, ceremony and discovery. In this space of conjuring, communion, and mythbuilding, they are diving into the depths of memory as historical artifact, collective ancestral knowledge, death & rebirth, states of transit, power dynamics contained in surveillance and access, residual energetic footprint, and celebration as resistance. At Amant, Deal’s research process will continue gathering the stories embedded in celebration, dance, and urban mythology, leading towards material for an experimental sound album, film, and zine.

Image courtesy of the artist