Daniel Godínez-Nivón
Since 2010, Daniel Godínez-Nivón has developed his work in specific contexts, primarily indigenous migrant associations in Mexico City, and academic institutions. Daniel has close ties with the Zapotec indigenous migrant community in Juchitán, Oaxaca, in Southwestern Mexico. He uses art history and conceptual art processes linked to drawing, moving images, installation and performance but supplements these tools with tequio a communal, collaborative, and compulsory work system implemented throughout indigenous communities in Mexico Triqui midwives.

Learning from Triqui midwives, he works around collective dreaming, using sleep and dream-sharing as a method since. While at Amant, he will continue this work with participatory, oneiric assemblies to imagine alternative futures and deep resistance together with members of Triquis sin Fronteras (Triquis without borders), a non-profit organization that promotes the culture and identity of the Triqui community in NY.

Nahual, Tequiografía No. 4, 2010 - Ongoing