Phedra Deonarine

Phedra Deonarine is a writer who uses elements of fantasy to explore climate change, vulnerability, and environmental racism. By drawing on her academic background studying the destructive ecological impact of colonialism on the Caribbean, she uses speculative fiction to question who has easy access to green, clean spaces. She explores the concept of experiencing newness while never seeking to control or own what is new and beautiful. At Amant, she will continue her work on a collection of linked speculative short stories. Driving the stories are the threats and effects of climate change, the legacy of colonialism, the pleasures and hazards of life as a young girl, and life as part of the Caribbean diaspora.

Deonarine was born in Trinidad and Tobago. She currently lives and works in Newark, NJ. She earned an MA and a PhD in English from Rutgers University. Her works of fiction and non-fiction have appeared in The Golden Key, The New Quarterly, Event Magazine, and other publications.