Ayo’s artistic practice predominantly consists of research projects which shape shift into film, sculpture, sound, gatherings, and performance. Her projects often start from the personal and specific; favoring relation-making with various bodies and geographies with whom she seeks out counter narratives, fictions, pleasurable and uncomfortable ways of (re)telling histories. At Amant, she will develop a project related to oral histories and informal knowledge systems and practices, explored within the metaphor of a winnower, which involves using film as a research tool and sculpture as a form of exorcism, while also allowing the project to unfold openly.

Ayo, born in Apac, Uganda, currently lives in Nijmegen and works in Rotterdam. She has shown her work at Museum Arnhem in Arnhem (NL), Weelde in Rotterdam (NL), European Media Arts Festival in Osnabrück, (GR) Oberhausen Short Film Festival in Oberhausen (GR) Kampala Public Art festival in Kampala (UG), Focal Point Gallery at South end on Sea (UK) and Goethe Institute in Bangkok (TH) among others. In 2021, she was awarded the Mondriaan Stipend for Emerging Artists.