Ayo’s artistic practice consists of extensive projects which shape shift into film, sculpture and performance. Her research interests are nourished by archival materials, oral histories, intangible forms of cultural heritage and informal knowledge practices, embodied within the contemporary African Diaspora. At Amant, Ayo will develop a project related to oral histories and informal knowledge systems and practices, explored within the metaphor of a winnower, which involves using film as a research tool and sculpture as a form of exorcism, while also allowing the project to unfold openly.

Ayo, born in Apac Uganda, currently lives and works in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. She has shown her work at Rencontres Internationales Paris (FR) and in Berlin (GR), Museum Arnhem (de Kerk) in Arnhem (NL), European Media Arts festival in Osnabrück (GR), and Goethe Institute in Bangkok (TH), among others. In 2023, her work will be featured in Municipal Art Acquisitions at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, and Art Rotterdam. In 2021, she was awarded the Mondriaan stipend for Emerging Artists.


For your Reference

Ayo presents An Invitation for Liveness, a meta-sensorial performance lecture weaving moving image, text, sculpture, and scent. It aims to experimentally “enliven” archival materials–and im-materials–related to African immigrant Oral Histories with which Ayo is engaging during her Studio and Research residency.


Ayo: An Invitation for Liveness, December 8, 2022