Sara Saleh

Sara Saleh’s contributions to poetry and prose have charted her experiences as a first generation Egyptian-born, Palestinian-Lebanese Muslim woman who is dispossessed and is currently a settler complicit in dispossession on stolen Aboriginal land. She is preparing her second full-length novel which examines and represents complex Arab-Australian Muslim women identities, gender and power dynamics in a Western Diaspora setting. She considers this project “an inherently political act, and as such, is about setting myself the broader socio-political goal of creating a new work of literature that is about interrupting and reclaiming spaces, uplifting our communities, and embodying the multiplicity of our identities in the face of constant erasure, our bodies, homes, and lands violated and exploited to uphold white supremacist power structures.”

At Amant, Sara will plot the various chapters and characters while also meeting fellow poets and novelists from the Arab Diaspora and beyond, sharing samples of her work and receiving critical feedback.

Sara Saleh portrait by Simeon John