Nadja Abt

Nadja Abt combines fictional writing with visual art. In her performances, videos and paintings, she constructs feminist narratives that reference the world of literature and film. While at Amant, she will continue her current research on seawomen. Female sailors currently make up about 1% of the ship workers on container ships. She will look for traces of female* dockworkers and sailors in queer feminist* cultural history and conduct field research in the New York harbors. With the help of the archive, and motivated by her own biography, Nadja creates new, fictional characters that appropriate the male-dominated space of seafaring and the port.
Nadja is an artist and writer who lives between Berlin and Lisbon. Abt studied Literature and Art History at Freie Universität Berlin, as well as Fine Arts at Universität der Künste Berlin and the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires. Between 2015-2018, she lived in São Paulo, Brazil. She is part of the artist collective Michelle Volta. Recent exhibitions and performances took place at Kunsthalle Freeport, Porto (2021); Galeria Diferença, Lisbon (2021); Galerie Kirchgasse, Steckborn (2021); HUA International, Beijing (2021); Bärenzwinger, Berlin (2021); KW-Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2021); Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (2019); Casa Triângulo, São Paulo (2018), and Pivô, São Paulo (2017).