In our Compendio series we invite performance artists to present their work to-date in a condensed and performative mode. In this way, we look at an artistic practice as an archive of gestures and movements over time that continues to evolve and inflect current projects. Artists can bring in reference materials or other elements that help in contextualizing their process.

Compendio typically unfolds over the course of two or three days.

Image: Mette Edvarsen, documentation room.

Other active series
For Your Reference
Each New York Amant Studio & Research resident gets the opportunity to organize a For Your Reference evening in which they share their way of thinking, interpreting, and sensing.
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First Person, Third Person, Same Person
First Person, Third Person, Same Person focuses on the cinematic work of Grada Kilomba, Manthia Diawara, Dora García, Olivia Plender and Clara Ianni. The films’ stories have in common the assembling of news, testimonials, memories, documents, diaries, books whose multifaceted collage-like view of historical facts resonate with contemporary circumstances.
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