Embodied Memory–Scripting the Personal

Kairiana Núñez Santaliz

August 26, 2023, 4pm
Géza, 306 Maujer

This performance-based workshop led by Puerto Rican actor, scenic athlete, and educator Kairiana Núñez Santaliz will focus on embodying personal memory.  Through improvisational exercises and games, Kairiana will provide participants with strategies to perform, appropriate, adapt, and fictionalize non-theatrical materials, such as family archives, personal memory, and self-scripted texts. Incorporating methodologies of play, collaboration, and experimentation, Kairiana will guide participants through exercises that connect these materials to the body and the participants’ embodied experience.  At the end of this learnshop, participants have the opportunity to present their performance experiments.

Embodied Memory–Scripting the Personal is organized within the framework of En Parábola, a film and theater commission by artist Natalia Lassalle-Morrillo that is part of the film-led series Rituals of Speaking. En Parábola reimagines the tragedy of Antigone with a cast of non-professional performers residing in Puerto Rico and within its diaspora in the United States, creating a meeting place to uncover the collective consciousness that emerges from decades of environmental, economic, political, and spiritual tragedies. Participants of Embodied Memory–Scripting the Personal will be joining the ensemble of En Parábola as they engage with a series of training learnshops during the development process for the project, taking place at Amant through April 2023-April 2024.

This event is bilingual, free and open to all, independent of their level of performance experience, we especially welcome folks who have no prior experience. As part of the learnshop, we ask that participants bring a personal text, memory, or archival material to engage with during the learnshop. There is a maximum capacity of 10 people, if you would like to attend, please email Curatorial@amant.org briefly explaining why you would like to participate, please use “Embodied Memory–Scripting the Personal ” as email subject.

Image: Kairiana Núñez Santaliz, photo by Natalia Lassalle-Morillo.

Kairiana Núñez Santaliz is a Puerto Rican actress, stage athlete, theater teacher and workshop facilitator for young people, adults, the elderly, and people with functional diversity. She is an avid compiler of texts that she then edits for oral and interpretation purposes.

Kairiana graduated from the Department of Drama at the University of Puerto Rico. She began her artistic career with Pedrito Santaliz, founder of El Nuevo Teatro Pobre de América. She is a founding member of the theater group on the streets Jóvenes del ‘98 under the direction of Maritza Pérez. She continued her training with the Puerto Rican artists Rosa Luisa Márquez, Teresa Hernández, Viveca Vázquez, among others. In Argentina, where she lived for 7 years, she trained at Sportivo Teatral with Ricardo Bartís, and was part of Quinto Piso and Colectivo El Rizoma. Among her most recent stage works are: Rosa: A conference / performance; Santaliz File; Spiritist Santaliz; and Chiquitita. She acted in the feature film El Silencio del Viento by Puerto Rican filmmaker Álvaro Aponte Centeno,for which  she received the Special Jury Prize at the Mar del Plata International Film Festival.