Our Café & Bookstore is now open 9am–2pm, Monday–Wednesday, and 9am–6pm, Thursday–Sunday.

Our Café & Bookstore is a place to meet and make friends, read a book, bring your laptop, but most of all, it’s an occasion to get inspired by the books and exhibitions that surround it.

We work in partnership with drip coffee, who serve fine-tuned morning coffee, a light lunch, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a refreshing drink.

drip coffee makers was founded by Nigel Price and began as a mobile cart focusing solely on hand-brewed pour-over coffee under the mantra of “slow down and have coffee.” drip opened its first shop in Bushwick in 2020 and now has locations in Brooklyn Heights and Soho.

drip, also a multi-roasters retailer, carrying coffees from some of the best roasters globally, focuses on fostering quality relationships and making specialty coffee more accessible to all.

Espresso 3.50
Macchiato 4.00
Cortado 4.40
Cappuccino 4.80
Latte 5.40

Vanilla 6.20
Mocha 6.40
Maple 6.40
Dulce 6.80
Cardamon Ginger 7.50

Chai 5.20
Matcha 5.60
Turmeric 5.60
Tea 3.20
Cocoa 4.80

Batch Brew 4
Cold Brew 4.50
Pour Over 6.00

Spindrift 2.50
Sparkling 4.00
Still 3.00
Kombucha 6.00

Good Morning Pastries

Butter Croissant 4.00
Pain Au Chocolat 5.00
Chia Pudding 8.00

Good Afternoon
(12pm–6pm, Thur-Sun)

Chicken Pesto & Mozzarella 14.00
Curried Cauliflower Wrap 14.00
Harissa Chicken & Manchego 16.00


Sweet Potato Caesar 16.00
Adobo Chickpea 16.00

(12pm–6pm, Thur-Sun)

Wine by the glass

Rosso di Montalcino, 2020, 12.00
Bianco Sicillia, 2020, 8.00


Interboro, lifted IPA
Interboro, light lager