Bookworms, Dreamcrusher, Nick Klein

August 18, 2023, 6:30pm
Experimental musicians Bookworms, Dreamcrusher, and Nick Klein share the stage for solo performances and a collaboration. While their works diverge in style, all three musicians explore sound as a space for collective communing and vulnerability synthesized through performance, while modulating noise to re-imagine our present.

Entry is free, and we welcome all ages and music preferences. Prior registration is recommended but not required.
About the Artists
Bookworms is New York-based producer Nik Dawson (Escape Force, NJB, Pulpo). Nik Dawson initially developed and honed his producing and playing to a small group of friends in San Francisco, improvising on elements, effects and timing. After moving to New York City in 2011, he linked back up with Bay Area pal and Confused House cohort Steve Summers, who introduced him to L.I.E.S. founder Ron Morelli right as that label was in bloom.

His first release, the addicting Love Triangles (2012), was a direct hit and remains one of the L.I.E.S. label’s most sought-after releases. After 9 EPs Nik released his debut album Xenophobe in 2016.
Dreamcrusher is a New York City-based musician and artist, who describes the project as ‘nihilist queer revolt musik.’ Dreamcrusher’s work is at once personal and abstract, revealing and antagonistic; performances and recordings shift between genres while subjecting the characteristic elements—melodies, beats, instrumentation—to distortion until the point of transformation. Dreamcrusher has released dozens of recordings with labels such as PTP, Fire Talk, and Corpus, as well as on Bandcamp and other online platforms. Dreamcrusher is also a member of the duo Centennial Gardens with King Vision Ultra.
Nick Klein is an artist working in sound and art and sometimes sound art with a lean towards the social potential in those modalities as they interact. Besides running his own amorphous label project PL (primitive languages, Psychic Liberation, etc), he has recorded a large amount of music for tape, CD, digital file, and vinyl editions for music labels around the world. Concurrently, he has exhibited widely across the visual art context.

Nick is currently located in Berlin and has operated a monthly radio show on Montez Press Radio since its inception. During 2023-2024 he is developing a monthly invitational program at the Volksbühne Roter Salon with collaborator Hugo Esquinca. Nick’s recent exhibition, Bring the Flowers to the Theatre at SARA’s (in Chinatown, NYC) brought together 20 artists with works spanning noise, performance art, lectures, and artist talks.