August 27, 2023, 2pm
Synth Library NYC (SLNYC) will lead a synthesizer activation, engaging SLNYC members and the public at large in collaborative sound generation and experimental synthesis with Ash Arder’s Whoop House. Various electronic music instruments from the library’s collection, including vintage synths, will be available for participants to manipulate and explore together. Hands-on guidance will be provided to ensure that newcomers to sound design and technology can fully participate.
This event is part of Heat Waves, our annual summer series dedicated to acoustic practices. Heat Waves 2023 brings together artists and audiences to activate and perform on and with Whoop House, a solar-powered sculpture and sound amplification hub developed by Detroit-based artist, DJ, and organizer Ash Arder.

Entry is free, and we welcome all ages and music preferences. Prior registration is recommended but not required.
About Synth Library NYC
Synth Library NYC (SLNYC) is New York’s first and only lending library of synthesizers, recording equipment, modular gear, and other electronic musical instruments. SLNYC is a membership organization dedicated to increasing access to music technology and cultivating a community of learning to foster creative growth. Membership is free and members can borrow instruments to take home for up to four weeks.
SLNYC is open to all, with priority access to those who have been traditionally marginalized from the fields of music production, and/or have faced long-standing economic and opportunity inequalities: including BIPOC and individuals of marginalized genders (including but not limited to trans women, cis women, trans men, non-binary, intersex, gender nonconforming, two-spirit, and questioning folx). For more information, to apply for membership, or to donate to support, please visit: