Sonic Muscle

Eduardo Navarro

June 13, 2023, 6:30pm

Where is the heart? What is inner-body hearing and what does it do? Can we create a circular, collective experience of hearing this sonic muscle? What happens when we hear a heart that is not ours? Can we then map these heart sounds into drawings?

Guided by our Spring 2023 resident, Eduardo Navarro, Circular Heart Hearing is a shared and meditative sound experience (aided by stethoscopes) into the body of the heartbeats of others, and attempts to translate these inner sound waves into symbols and drawings.

Max capacity of 12 participants, people who are interested in participating are asked to send an email to briefly explaining their interest in the experience.

This event is part of For Your Reference, a series that spotlights our current artists in residence and gives them a platform to share ongoing conversations, research, and references.

Image: Eduardo Navarro, Sonic Muscle (Circular Heart Hearing), 2022. Courtesy the artist.