Will I disappear if I stand in between the climax of two magnets? Or will I split apart into a thousand singular nubs? sequence 001

Jordan Deal

December 15, 2022, 6:00pm
Géza, 306 Maujer

Our fall 2022 Studio & Research resident Jordan Deal departs with a question: how can we become the force between two magnets that harnesses so much tension that is then repelled and blasted outside of its orbital atmosphere or societal paradigm, similar to how a pebble gets shot out of a vacuum?

With this proposition, they further develop their theory of CHAOS FORCE in the context of a specific site (land, structure, institution, and dead knowledge), gaze (perception, interference, and surveillance), and filters of language. Using collected field recordings, video/film documents, and real time mythological fabrication and sound instrumentation that has partly been collected while in residency, Jordan probes how urban mythology, memory, storytelling, language, and the way we place ourselves in space disrupts, redistributes, and questions self-agency, power, violence, and authority.

During their residency, they continue their exploration of the dialectics of Blackness, the tropes of superhero/villain, state and authority paradigms, the societal zombie and the undead/dead knowledge, and a counter-active force that exists outside of the judgments, bounds, and understanding of Western logic. More specifically, Jordan Deal has been investigating the use of storytelling as the accumulation of urban myth building, fragmentation, personal stories, subjective/objective truth, fabrication, and the use of vocal- and movement-based improvisation as a generative and investigative tool that harnesses and disperses CHAOS as a subversive material.

This event is part of the For Your Reference series in which our residents share and discuss a key reference for their ongoing thinking and research while at Amant. The presentation is free and open to all and will be followed by an informal reception at 306 Maujer.

Entry into Dialectical Dreaming, 2022 (still)