Clara Ianni
Education by Night

Education by Night comprises the newly commissioned video Night Geography as well as a selection of archival texts, short movies, documents, and drawings inspired by documentaries about Latin America that were made for schools in the United States between the 1950s–1980s. These films often used corporate footage to portray the region as a territory of endless resources, open to new ideas of progress and modernity. They boasted a rhetoric emphasizing the inherent cultural commonality between the North and South of the Americas. By promoting a sense of solidarity, these media supported the economic interests of the U.S., who essentially saw the region as a provider of cheap labor and raw materials as well as a valuable export market.

This capsule exhibition traces echoes of that period in the present in a non-linear manner. It lays bare how pedagogy and culture have often been instrumentalized as political and ideological tools for furthering asymmetrical relations of codependence.


About the Artist

Clara Ianni was born in São Paulo in 1987. Her practice explores the gaps and contradictions between perception of time, historic narration, and the materialization of historical processes on the fringes of capitalism. ​​​​​​​​
Her exhibitions include New Museum Trienal (2021), 34a Bienal de São Paulo (2021), Utopia/Distopia – part I, MAAT Lisbon, Portugal (2017), Talking to Action / Hablar y Actuar, Los Angeles, EUA (2017), Jakarta Bienal (2015), Yebisu Festival, Tokyo (2015), MDE15, Medellin, Bogotá (2015), 19th Panorama VideoBrasil, 33º Panorama de Arte Brasileira, Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (2013) and 12th Istanbul Biennal, Istanbul (2011). She is also curator of the program The future of memory - memory and forgetfulness in Latin America, in collaboration with the Goethe Institute.
First Person, Third Person, Same Person
First Person, Third Person, Same Person focuses on the cinematic work of Grada Kilomba, Manthia Diawara, Dora García, Olivia Plender and Clara Ianni. The films’ stories have in common the assembling of news, testimonials, memories, documents, diaries, books whose multifaceted collage-like view of historical facts resonate with contemporary circumstances.
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Hearing Voices
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