Our Café & Bookstore is now open 9am–2pm, Monday–Wednesday, and 9am–6pm, Thursday–Sunday.

Our Café & Bookstore is a place to meet and make friends, read a book, bring your laptop, but most of all, it’s an occasion to get inspired by the books and exhibitions that surround it.

We work in partnership with drip coffee, who serve fine-tuned morning coffee, a light lunch, an afternoon pick-me-up, or a refreshing drink.

drip coffee makers was founded by Nigel Price and began as a mobile cart focusing solely on hand-brewed pour-over coffee under the mantra of “slow down and have coffee.” drip opened its first shop in Bushwick in 2020 and now has locations in Brooklyn Heights and Soho.

drip, also a multi-roasters retailer, carrying coffees from some of the best roasters globally, focuses on fostering quality relationships and making specialty coffee more accessible to all.

Espresso 3.20
Macchiato 4.00
Cortado 4.40
Cappuccino 4.80
Latte 5.40

Vanilla 6.20
Mocha 6.40
Dulce 6.80
Maple 6.40

Chai 5.20
Matcha 5.60
Turmeric 5.60
Tea 3.20
Cocoa 4.80

Batch Brew 3.20
Cold Brew 4.20

Sparkling 3.00
Still 3.00
Juice 5.00
Iced Teas 4.60

Good Morning Pastries

Strawberry Blueberry Parfait 5.50
Pumpkin, Matcha Lemon or Banana Sweetbreads (v) 5.60

Lunchtime Sandwiches

Chicken, Bacon, and Avocado Sandwich
Turkey and Brie Sandwich
Roasted Vegetable Wrap


Salmon Greek Salad
Chicken Caesar Salad

(2pm–6pm, Thur-Sun)

Wine by the glass
Hand Work red, Garnacha, 2019
Isle Saint Pierre Blanc, 2020

Interboro, lifted IPA
Interboro, light lager

The Amant Café & Bookstore is a social space where a growing selection of books invites visitors to browse, sit down, read, and talk. This space was born in the spirit of a library: we believe in the power of books to create knowledge, imagine new social bonds, and empower.

To that end, the Café & Bookstore is also a space for public programs, often centered on writing, reading, and storytelling. It is the home of our Dear Reader public program series.

The books we collectively select are mostly published by independent presses and reflect the themes explored in our exhibitions and public programs. We are interested in a variety of disciplines, connecting contemporary art with poetry, literature, music, and theory.

Our collection of books introduces yet-unknown or recently translated international voices. To this end, each season, our guest artists and artists in residence also make a selection of books to acquire for our store. Their suggestions make lesser known references accessible to our local audience.

We believe in the pleasure of physical browsing and do not sell our books online. The books for sale change seasonally, and our offering is shaped by what our staff and residents are reading as well as by the season’s exhibitions and public programs. If you are looking for a particular title and believe we may stock it, please send a note to contact@amant.org

Books by Our Community of Artists

Plantation Memories: Episodes of Everyday Racism by Grada Kilomba, exhibiting artist fall 2021

Plantation Memories is a compilation of episodes of everyday racism written in the form of short psychoanalytical stories. From the question “Where do you come from?” to Hair Politics to the N-word, the book is a strong, eloquent, and elaborate piece that deconstructs the normality of everyday racism and exposes the violence of being placed as the Other.

Published by Between The Lines Books

Cuentos de Cuentas Carla Zaccagnini, exhibiting artist spring 2022

Cuentos de Cuentas is the accompanying artist book to the exhibition of the same title. It brings together a series of recollections from Zaccagnini’s childhood in Brazil and Argentina in the 1980s. Punctuated by childhood drawings and personal photographs, the stories are structured around specific objects—a tent, a jar, a vest—that were pivotal in enabling secret economic transactions. Carla’s research reflects on the old tactics and strategies necessary to keep and transport money when it was still an object to be kept safe, secret, and under wraps. The book is bilinugal English and Spanish.

Published by K. Verlag and Amant

A Brief History of Black British Art Rianna Jade Parker, New York Studio & Research resident spring 2022

Taking as its starting point the London-based Caribbean Artists Movement, this introduction showcases the work of over sixty Black British artists from the 1960s until the present. The works included here offer a lens through which to understand the political and cultural climate, while shedding light on the unique Black British experience. Constructed around contemporary thoughts on race, nationhood, citizenship, gender, class, sexuality and aesthetics in Britain, this book explores themes at the heart of Black British Art.

Published by Tate Publishing

About to Happen Cecilia Vicuña, public programs contributor winter 2021

Beginning and ending at the edge of the ocean at the sacred mouth of the Aconcagua River, About to Happen serves as a lament as well as love letter to the sea. In this artist’s book, Chilean-born artist and poet Cecilia Vicuña weaves personal and ancestral memory while summoning the collective power to confront the economic disparities and environmental crises of the 21st century.

Collecting the detritus that washes up on shore, Vicuña assembles out of the refuse tiny precarios and basuritas―little sculptures held together with nothing more than string and wire, which she sometimes makes as offerings to be reclaimed by the sea. About to Happen traces a decades-long practice that has refused categorical distinctions and thrived within the confluences of conceptual art, land art, feminist art, performance and poetry. Vicuña’s nuanced visual poetics―operating fluidly between concept and craft, text and textile―transforms the discarded into the elemental, paying acute attention to the displaced, the marginalized and the forgotten.

Published by Siglio Press

Amant Staff Picks

Dark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness Simone Brown, chosen by Stefanie Jason, Graduate Research Fellow

Published by Duke University Press

Glitch Feminism: A Manifesto Legacy Russell, chosen by Colleen Stonebrook, Visitor Engagement Representative and Education Facilitator

Published by Verso Books

Restaging the Object: A Participatory Exploration of Long Kesh/ Maze Prison Martin Krenn & Aisling O'Beirn, chosen by Hannah Marks, Executive Assistant

Published by K. Verlag

Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman Michelle Wallace, chosen by Nicole Ruffin, Facilities Assistant

New edition published by Verso Books

Ecosoma: Pain and Joy in Speculative Performance Encounters Petra Kuppers, chosen by Silas Edgar, Communications and Community Coordinator

Published by University of Minnesota Press