Open Exchange

Cecilia Vicuña. Sol y Dar y Dad, 1974/2016. Silkscreen print on paper, (47.98 x 71.98 cm) © Cecilia Vicuña. Image Courtesy the artist and Lehmann Maupin
In contrast to the standardized formats of scholarly events and auditorium seating, our Open Exchange series offers a platform for audience members and special guests to sit together in an open non-hierarchical way (a circle, a square…) and engage in an open dialogue led by the special guests. With this program, we aim to prioritize and open a space for narratives and knowledge that are collectively formed and shared via storytelling, music listening parties, Indigenous talking circles, spiritual teaching and healing sessions, etc.
Other active series
Compendio is Amant’s special performance series at Géza. Yearly, we invite a few performers to present their work through a monographic lens.
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First Person, Third Person, Same Person
First Person, Third Person, Same Person focuses on the cinematic work of Grada Kilomba, Manthia Diawara, Dora García, Olivia Plender and Clara Ianni. The films’ stories have in common the assembling of news, testimonials, memories, documents, diaries, books whose multifaceted collage-like view of historical facts resonate with contemporary circumstances.
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