Natalia Lasalle-Morillo
(born 1991, Puerto Rico)

Natalia Lassalle-Morillo is a theater director, filmmaker, performer, visual artist and educator, whose work reconstructs history through a transdisciplinary approach to research, form and narrative. Her artistic practice merges visual ethnography and embodied performance in order to decentralize canonical narratives and reimagine individual and collective histories. Her ongoing project En Parábola/Conversations on Tragedy investigates the accumulation of political, seismic, atmospheric, and spiritual tragedies in Puerto Rico through ancient Greek texts. This film and performance project adapts Sophokles’ Antigone with a cast of non-trained performers (as opposed to actors) residing in Puerto Rico and within its diaspora in the United States. While at Amant, Lassalle-Morillo will conduct research with communities from the Puerto Rican diaspora in South Williamsburg, Bushwick, and the Lower East Side, and will initiate an intuitive filmmaking and rehearsal process.

Lassalle-Morillo, born in 1991 in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, currently lives and works in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. She has shown her work at the Seoul Museum of Art, Beta-Local in Puerto Rico, and Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, among others. She earned a BFA in Experimental Theatre from NYU, & an MFA in Theatre Directing from CalArts.