Lantian Xie
(born 1988, Dubai, UAE)

Lantian Xie makes images, objects, stories, jazz bands, motorcycles, books, parties, wagers, meetings, interviews, stockpiles, photocopiers, plastic bags, paper bags, water bottles, cigarettes, ashtrays, taxidermy peacocks, beer, parking spaces, plastic chairs, itineraries, deliveries, documents, compressed air, packing solutions, and loose change.

During his residency at Amant Siena, Xie will develop the project An archivist’s nightmare– a buffet for silverfish. Through writing and speech, the artist will consider silverfish as creatures that operate logics of contemporaneity that eat words, time, records, powderize documents, metabolize paper, glue and the stories humans tell themselves.

Lantian Xie works were recently shown as part of the 7th Yokohama Triennale, Sharjah; Biennial 14, Sharjah; Crude, Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai, UAE; Delfina in SongEun: Powerplay, SongEun Artspace, Seoul, Korea; A beast, a god, and a line, ARCOmadrid 2018, Spain, amongst others.

All the images courtesy of the artist and Grey Noise, Dubai