Monika Czyżyk
(born 1989, Poland)

Monika Czyżyk is a visual artist and filmmaker primarily working with moving image in the context of experimental documentaries and socially engaged projects. She works nomadically through collaboration-based performances that she combines with recorded experiences to create her films and installations.

At Amant Siena, Czyżyk will continue developing BOdyssey, a series of docu-portraits and animations the artist initiated in 2016. BOdyssey features female participants from around the globe who are asked to speculate on a variety of subjects, including 21st century feminism, ecology, politics, family, technology and post-humanity. The device at the center of the video collaboration is a toy camera: the “Videogirl,” a 2010 Barbie doll special edition with a video camera and playback unit embedded in its body. The film intends to build upon the role of re-imagined female characters in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

She holds degrees from The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and The Helsinki University of the Arts. Her work has been shown internationally in group and solo exhibitions including Mymälä2 gallery, Helsinki; Stroboskop Art Space, Warsaw; Centre for Contemporary Art Łaźnia, Gdańsk; Yan Huang Art Museum, Beijing; New Media Society, Tehran. She was a resident of Institute for Provocation in Beijing, African Artist Foundation in Lagos and Signal Culture in USA. In 2020/2021 Czyżyk received a grant from the Kone Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.