Marcela Calderón
(born 1991, Bogotá, Colombia)

Marcela Calderón is an artist, producer and cultural manager. Her work focuses on sculpture and material narratives.

At Amant Siena, she will develop ongoing research exploring a natural resin called “mopa mopa”, used in “Barniz de Pasto” craftmanship. The research is a formal exploration of the historical path that led “mopa mopa” from its functional use before Colombia´s colonization, to its aesthetic use in artisanal practices in colonial times, and its renewed and broadened importance today. During her residency, Calderón will analyze documentation of the traditional and utilitarian usage of this material in the precolonial years, as well as the narratives and theories that have linked this artisanal technique to Europe for centuries.

Marcela Calderón has participated in collective and individual exhibitions such as FLORA ars + natura, FLACSO-Ecuador, 2019: Universidad de Los Andes project room, 2018: Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá exhibition rooms, 2017 and the Contemporary art Museum of Bogotá, 2015. She won the international circulation scholarship in Visual Arts, 2019 and the Colsanitas Embassy of Spain Young Art Prize, 2018.