Nina Kurtela (born in 1981 in Zagreb) is a visual artist and a dance maker who works with choreographic and site-specific practices. She studied Dance, Context, Choreography at the HZT, UdK Berlin and holds a diploma (MFA) in visual arts and art education from The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Her work has been presented in a variety of contexts: museums and galleries, theatre and dance festivals as well as public spaces: KW Berlin; MUMOK Vienna; Transmediale, Berlin; Survival Kit, Riga; Tanz Im August, Berlin; X-border Art Biennial, Sweden; MSU Zagreb; HKW Berlin; Tokyo Opera City Gallery; 104 Paris; MMOMA Moscow; Ars Aevi Sarajevo. She received the Japanese Media Arts New Face Award in Tokyo 2017, and was shortlisted for Berlin Art Prize in 2018. Through her performance and time-based art practice she works with methodologies of endurance, perseverance and daily practice while questioning notions of labor, identity, place and belonging and the position of women in art and society.
During her time at Amant, Nina will explore the relationship between the body and the landscape, taking into consideration the current processes of commodification affecting nature. Nina will question the extent to which it becomes possible to see nature as a virginal sphere where the economic categories established by society cease to be valid, engaging in understanding how space, territory and identity are bound to existence and creation.

Nina Kurtela describes her work at Amant.