In her work across performance, moving image, sculpture, and installation, Neha Choksi probes lived experiences that negotiate relationships in unconventional settings. Harnessing stone to plant, animal to friends, civics to philosophy, Neha’s art engages the terms of our existence in ways personal and planetary. Neha is currently working on a multi-part project which appreciates the interdependencies and differences we create, inherit, mourn, and seek between self, other, and our environment.

At Amant Siena, Neha will live out ancient Jain ascetic practices of interpersonal non-violence related to anekantavada on an ecological scale. Her desire to withdraw as an ascetic is to co-create—using letter writing and performance-based videos—with the material reality of the natural world surrounding Chiusure. She will shape her daily interactions with the forces in the land’s ecology as letters to the land, which emerge as arrangements and disarrayed elements of scribble, diagram, inscription, watercolor, blackboard notation, equations, ekphrasis, ritual, collage, lyric song, and dance notation. These letters will inform the score to her moving image work weighing how to be kind to a rock.

Installation view, Dust to Mountain, 2016.