In Nina Emge’s practice, references to music and listening come together with an open-ended conversation on contemporary work processes in a range of forms, from installations to audible experiences. Her sculptural installations are mostly made of porcelain, metal, and glass, with their form reflecting objects primarily found in the context of music. In her often-collaborative work processes, she explores spaces that, among other things, focus on and negotiate the fascination with sounds, the daily work as an artist, or jointly defined themes.

In Chiusure, Nina would like to focus on reading and listening, and engage with the selected material in a context of silence. With upcoming exhibitions after the residency, Nina will also spend her time to further conceive and plan these projects in a careful and sustainable way. In fact, she aims to create the majority of the immaterial works for these shows while in Chiusure. In parallel, Nina plans to draw and grown her personal archive.

detail, Not in Use (microfon stand 1–5), 2022. Photos by Constanza Meléndez.