Amant Studio & Research Residency Program FAQs

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Amant Studio & Research Residency Program

Are there any other requirements for applicants?

Artists are expected to independently facilitate the visa process, as well as source any additional funding. Amant can provide support in the form of letters of invitation and additional supporting documents.

Do you need an IELTS or TOEFL to be eligible to apply?

Amant offers an international residency program, so it is important that you understand and speak English, but the applicants don’t need a IELTS or TOEFL test.

How long is the Amant Studio & Research Residency Program?

The Residency typically hosts up to four residents at a time during a three-month period. All residents are expected to arrive within the first two days of the residency’s start date and leave no more than three days before the end date.

Can duos, collaborators, or collectives apply for a residency?

Due to the limited size of our studios, we do not accept applications from groups with more than two members. If you wish to participate as a duo, please apply via ONE application. If selected, Amant will offer one studio for the duo and will only cover the residency costs of ONE person (travel budget, expense allowance, etc.) so resources will need to be shared among members.

Can families, partners, spouses, children, and family come?

Amant Studio & Research Residency Program unfortunately cannot provide financial help and/or logistical support for partners and/or families.

Should selected residents apply for additional funding from external resources to support their residency and housing needs?

We highly encourage applicants to apply for additional funding from external resources, to supplement the $3,000 USD monthly expense allowance offered by Amant. Residents are fully responsible to find and apply for other funding opportunities, and Amant can provide an invitation letter as supporting documentation upon request.

Under no circumstances will Amant apply to external funding on behalf of the residents.

What is provided with the Amant Studio & Research Residency Program?

  • Independent studio/office space including wireless internet/heating/electricity in our venue at 306 Maujer Street in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
  • Airfare: A round-trip economy-class air ticket between each resident’s nearest airport to an airport in NYC, or a round-trip bus/train ticket if the artist is coming from a closer location.
  • Access to artistic facilities, advice, and support.
  • Space and resources for programming one public presentation of the residents’ research projects in Amant’s For Your Reference public program.
  • A monthly expense allowance of $3,000 USD to partially offset costs of accommodation, transport, and day-to-day living expenses. Amant is not responsible for finding accommodation or additional funding for the selected residents during their stay in NYC. Residents are highly encouraged to apply for additional sources of funding to account for NYC cost of living.
  • Monthly MetroCard.
  • Travel insurance up to $300 USD.

What is required from the artist during the residency?

Amant provides an environment for researching, experimenting, and sharing ideas. We encourage artists to use their time at Amant to get deep into a research project.

We introduce residents to practitioners and scholars relevant to their artistic processes and facilitate access to institutions and archives. Residents benefit from our regular program of exhibitions, performances, and events, as well as studio visits and lunches with professionals in the arts community.

Residents are expected to host one public program for Amant’s For Your Reference series. This series allows residents to host an artist talk, lecture, screening, or discussion with the community stemming from a point of reference for their ongoing research.

We require residents to utilize their studios at least 20 hours per week.

How large are the studio and office spaces?

There are four spaces of different dimensions. There is an studio-office space for writers of 9’9”x7’3” (297x221 cm), and three studio spaces of 9’9”x13’8” (297x416 cm), 22’11”x9’8” (416x295 cm), and 22’11”x14’6” (416x442 cm). Applicants cannot request to use a specific studio/office space. Spaces are assigned by Amant to selected residents based on their practice and proposed research project.

Our studios have limited capacity and thus are not intended for the production and construction of large physical projects.

Is the residency self-led or is there a communal program I have to attend?

Amant Studio & Research Residency Program addresses artists from different fields with a transdisciplinary approach and a strong motivation for group interaction. Although the residency is self-led, the residents are required to take part in our activities, programs, and events in order to fully participate in Amant’s collective thinking.

Can I apply to have an exhibition?

We do not accept applications for exhibitions at Amant.