Amant Residency FAQs

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Amant Residency New York

How can I participate in Amant NY residency?

Artists are invited to participate in the residency through a call for applications. Amant releases an open call every year and dates will be announced on our website and social media. We do not accept speculative applications outside these times.

Who can apply for a residency?

Amant residencies are intended for both, artists with specialized training and a history of public presentation of their work in a professional context as well as emerging artists. Students are ineligible (except for Ph.D. candidates).

We welcome applications from contemporary artists working in a wide range of disciplines including visual art, film, arts writing, literature, music/sound, performance, and theory.

Artists who are currently based in NY cannot apply to the residency.

Are there any other requirements for applicants?

Obtaining a visa to stay in the US (if required), is the artist-in-residence´s responsibility. Amant will provide an invitation letter.

How long is the Amant NY residency?

Amant NY typically hosts up to four residents at a time during a three-month period. We are flexible about dates, but we encourage our residents to stay for the whole duration of the proposed period.

Can duos, collaborators or collectives apply for a residency?

Due to the limited size of our studios, we do not accept applications from groups with more than two members. All residency costs (travel budget, stipend, etc.) will be shared between members.

Can families, partners, spouses, children and family come?

Amant NY residency unfortunately cannot provide financial help for partners and/or families.

What is provided with the Amant NY residency?

  • Independent studio space including wireless internet/heating/electricity, in our venue at East Williamsburg.
  • Airfare: A round-trip economy-class air ticket between each resident’s nearest airport to an airport in NY. Transfers from NY airport to the resident’s accommodation.
  • Access to artistic facilities, advice and support.
  • Public space for programing and presenting projects in collaboration with the Artistic Director as well as spaces for rehearsing.
  • A monthly stipend of $3,000 to offset the costs of accommodation, transport, day-to-day living expenses and a grant to carry out projects. Amant is not responsible for finding accommodation for the applicants during their stay in NY.

What is required from the artist during a residency?

Artists-in-residence are asked to do a public presentation, performance, workshop, or similar event during their residency.

Is the residency self-led or is there a communal program I have to attend?

The Amant NY residency addresses artists from different fields with a transdisciplinary approach and a strong motivation for group interaction. Although the residency is self-led, we highly encourage residents to take part in our activities, programs and events, in order to fully participate in Amant’s collective thinking.

Can I apply to have an exhibition?

The exhibition program of Amant runs independently from the residencies and we do not accept applications for exhibitions. Yet, there might be the opportunity for former residents to be invited for a solo exhibition in NY.