Carla Zaccagnini
Cuentos de Cuentas (Book)


Cuentos de Cuentas brings together six recollections from Carla Zaccagnini’s childhood in Brazil and Argentina in the 1980 that are relayed by a narrator who questions her own ability to adequately remember what happened. Each episode is structured around a specific object—a tent, a jar, a vest, a dollar bill—that is pivotal in enabling secret economic transactions. Even though told with a child-like innocence and detailed attention to the material reality, the stories illuminate a context in which the US dollar dictated the person-to-person cash economy. Ultimately, they bring the reader to ask: How can we really determine value? How can we distinguish what is true from what is false? Zaccagnini’s texts are punctuated by childhood drawings, magazine and press clippings, and photographs from her family archive.
Cuentos de Cuentas is co-published with K. Verlag and first appeared in online installments between January 2021 and March 2022. These episodic publications in turn informed Cuentos de cuentas/ Accounts of Accounting, Carla’s first solo exhibition in the US (April - August 2022).