Eugene Lim
Choir (Long Take #1)


With Choir, Eugene Lim resurrects ghostly and sometimes extreme voices that linger in Sung Tieu’s Infra-Specter exhibition: from the bodies that encountered the discomfort of her metal stools, to the voices gathered on U.S. Army PSYOP tapes in the war in Vietnam that shaped Sung’s thinking, to rants about fossil fuel extraction connected to her new body of work made for the exhibition at Amant (spring and summer 2023).

Choir functions as an autonomous piece of fiction and as an accompaniment to the exhibition.

About Eugene Lim

Eugene Lim is the author of the novels Fog & Car, The Strangers, Dear Cyborgs, and Search History.

He works as a school librarian, runs Ellipsis Press, and lives in Queens, New York.

About Long Take

Long Take is a publication series that takes an author’s encounter of a single work, exhibition, event, or reference material, as an occasion for new writing. Each issue takes this experience as the space of possibility for new conversations​​—across practices, geographies, and temporalities—to emerge.

Co-edited by Amant and Wendy’s Subway and published triannually, Long Take commissions writers to think alongside Amant’s annual program.

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