Himali Singh Soin
Three Manifestos
Publication, For Your Reference
Our Spring 2023 resident Himali Singh Soin shares three manifestos, Boatness (2017), Subcontinentment (2018), and On Translucency (2023).
A state of being in which being and knowing flow into each other, “Boatness is the thin place in which theory can be practiced, intuition can be a method and love can be a robust form of critique.” Read below the full piece, previous published in Himali’s book We Are Opposite Like That (2020).
Subcontinentment is a South Asian Futurism manifesto drawing from Himali Singh Soin’s fieldwork in the polar circles, where she was confronted with her alienness as a brown body in a landscape commonly used for outer-space simulation experiments. Listen to Subcontinentement here
Translucency “imagines the life of those in places where frosted windows keep the heat of the sun out, soften the detailed edges of bodies, yet holds on to the relational, lets the light through, does not shut out the other.” It is available as a 10 minute reel on Himali’s instagram account as well as on youtube at the 1:02:00 mark.