Bia Davou
Serial Structures 2. The Odyssey


Bia Davou, Serial Structures 2. The Odyssey. A Brief Summary is the first translation into English of a 1981 leaflet published in Greek for Bia Davou’s exhibition at Desmos Art Gallery in Athens. It was her second essay on the relation of art, serial structures, and the interaction (or communication) between work-message-viewer.

This text was translated by Vassilis Douvitsas and made possible thanks to the mediation by Helena Papadopoulos. Layout by Gaile Pranckunaite. Bia’s first essay on Serial Structures will be published in the print publication that accompanies SIREN (some poetics).

Image: Exhibition view, SIREN (some poetics), featuring work by Bia Davou and Patricia Boyd, Photo: New Document

Bia Davou (1932-1996) was an Athens-based artist who experimented with scientific models, information technology, and ancient literary texts. She was a member of the experimental art group Processes-Systems, founded by Emmanuel Mavromatis.

Since the late 1950s, Bia Davou participated in many group exhibitions and international art fairs, such as the Paris Biennale for Young Artists (1961), the Biennale of Alexandria (1967), Europalia (Brussels, 1982), the Biennale of São Paulo (1987).

She died in 1996 in Athens. The National Museum of Contemporary Art organized a major retrospective exhibition of her work in Athens and published her all-inclusive monograph in 2008. Several of her works were posthumously featured in Documenta14 (2017) which was organized in Athens and Kassel.