Dear Revolution

Rose Higham-Stainton

September 17, 2023, 11am
Géza, 306 Maujer
When written on a piece of paper in your own style and with some tears here and there on the paper it reached the roots of the receiver’s heart. (Dora García)
In this creative writing learnshop, writer and educator Rose Higham-Stainton takes her cue from artist Dora García’s Letters of Disappointment, which brings together female writers and activists who, through direct address to lovers, companions, and leaders, voice their profound disenchantment with personal and political issues.

Aimed at artists as well as writers, this learnshop will embrace letter writing as a personal, political, and creative framework, considering it as a conduit for reticence, resistance, and revolution but also as container or form to speak through, and to, others.
Through group readings, writing prompts, collective reflection, and by drawing on the work of Dora García, Diane di Prima, Nicola Tyson, and Carolee Schneemann, this learnshop will consider the personal politics that underpin our practices and how they take shape, giving it form and style through letter writing.

No preparation or prior experience in writing is necessary. If you are interested in participating, send an email to briefly explaining why you would like to attend, please use “Dear Revolution” as email subject.

Note: this learnshop runs until 3:00pm, with a 1-hour pause for lunch.

About Rose Higham-Stainton

Rose Higham-Stainton is a writer, critic, and teacher interested in gender and artmaking. Her work is held in the Women’s Art Library at Goldsmiths College and published by LA Review of Books, Texte Zur Kunst, Artforum, The White Review, Art Monthly, X-Tra, Bricks from the Kiln, Apollo, MAP Magazine and Worms. She has written several chapbooks and her first book, Limn the Distance, will be out with the interdisciplinary publisher JOAN in September 2023. Rose has conducted a prior learnshop at Amant and teaches art writing in other cultural and institutional settings as well: Spike Island (Bristol), Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art (Norwich), and online.