Anniversary Architecture Tour


July 15, 2023, 12pm & 1pm

On the occasion of our second anniversary and Architecture Now, New York, New Publics at MoMA, we co-organize together with architects SO–IL a detailed walkthrough of the four buildings that comprise our campus.

In this 45-minutes-long tour, SO–IL’s Florian Idenburg will talk about Amant’s general design concept and references, materials, design choices, as well as insights into the construction process.

This tour is free. Prior registration is required.

The walktrhough starts at 315 Maujer. After the tour, everyone is welcome to join us for summery refreshments in our courtyard at 306 Maujer.

Amant’s exhibition tours will start at entrance of 315 Maujer at 4pm in English and at 3pm in Spanish.

Image: Amant, 2021. Photo by Iwan Baan