Director’s Tour

with Ruth Estévez and Isabella Nimmo

May 19, 2023, 6:30pm

What references, research, and spatial experiences inform Sung Tieu’s Infra-Specter?

Director and Chief Curator Ruth Estévez gives a special walkthrough of Sung Tieu’s first US solo exhibition, which includes a multi-part new commission as well as iconic existing works. Ruth will unpack the context of the works on view and connect them to concepts and wider study lines that informed this overall project.

After the visit to Infra Specter, Associate Curator Isabella Nimmo places Helen Cammock’s Bass Notes and SiteLines (2022) collaborative film project into the wider framework of our current Rituals of Speaking series on view at Géza.

Following the walkthrough, attendees are invited to an informal reception. This event is free and open to all, prior registration is recommended.

Installation view, Sung Tieu, Infra-Specter. Courtesy Amant, photo by New Document.

Ear to the Ground brings together events, performances, and talks that run in parallel to Sung Tieu’s exhibition Infra-Specter between March and September 2023.

Ear to the Ground recalls a practice of paying attention to sounds and vibrations that travel through the land, allowing the listener to predict the arrival of animals, trains, other humans, or the presence of flows in the underground as well as even more intangible phenomena.