Prelude to SIREN (some poetics)

Dena Yago, Mayra Rodríguez Castro, Quinn Latimer

May 18, 2022, 6.30pm
Café & Bookstore

Poets Dena Yago, Mayra Rodríguez Castro, and Quinn Latimer each read recent work in relation to their participation in SIREN (some poetics), our fall 2022 exhibition.

SIREN is devoted to language and alarm—perhaps the poetics of alarm—and to contemporary art practices that employ sign and sound systems, at once writing, resisting, and voicing the visual field. The exhibition will examine the Siren as a figure of myth, mouth, earth, sound, silence, alarm, poetry, bacteria, hyphae, and epistemology, and as a kind of technology: of gender, violence, sound, machine, and fiction.

This reading functions as a prelude to the exhibition, which is curated by Quinn Latimer and brings together work by fifteen artists of different generations and contexts. SIREN is also accompanied by an online program, The Noon Sirens, curated by Hana Noorali and Lynton Talbot.

This event is free, but with limited capacity. Prior registration is recommended.

Image: Dena Yago, The Bins, 2021