Abortion Undergrounds

Lux Magazine

September 21, 2023, 6:30pm
Géza, 306 Maujer

In collaboration with Lux magazine, we host a discussion of abortion access under new bans and restrictions with participants Sarah Leonard and Cheryl Rivera, editors of Lux magazine and writer and organizer of NYC for Abortion Rights, Emily Janakiram.

Touching on the distribution of pills, legal defense of those who have or assist abortions, and underground networks designed to create access, the conversation will explore approaches outside of the mainstream pro-choice movement, advancing a strategy for reproductive justice under tightening restrictions. The conversation will take off from Lux magazine’s forthcoming issue, which features abortion strategies from around the world with a focus on the Global South. 

This event is organized in the framework of Dora García’s Amor Rojo.

About the Panelists
Sarah Leonard is editor-in-chief of Lux magazine, and a contributing editor to Dissent and the Nation.
Cheryl Rivera is an editor at Lux and an organizer with the Crown Heights CARE Collective and NYC DSA’s DefundNYPD. Her writing also appears in We Organize to Change Everything: Fighting for Abortion Access and Reproductive Justice.
Emily Janakiram is a writer and an organizer with NYC for Abortion Rights. Her writing on tradwives and the new era of conservative gender politics appears in the forthcoming issue of Lux.