Study Line


Showing-doing is a study line, a theme that links programming across venues and platforms.

The importance of the body is particularly central in our programs through practices closely linked to performance. The theorist Richard Schechner described performance as a mode of operation or what he called “showing-doing,” in which an action is performed and rehearsed with a specific intentionality. Thus, it involves a degree of awareness of how an action is executed and how it implies specific social relations. Such actions are “decoded” by understanding its rules, conventions and actors and, most importantly, in the context, or situation where they interact.

We are interested in projects that are primarily observing art as a laboratory experimenting with forms of sociality—in work, education, decision-making, political assembly, etc. Such proposals should be particularly committed to helping explain how our cultural, economic and political systems work.

Image: Adrian Piper, This is Not the Documentation of a Performance, 1976. Silk- screened newspaper article with altered photograph and text. 49" x 45”. Collection Lonti Ebers, New York. © Adrian Piper Research Archive (APRA) Foundation Berlin.

Other active study lines
Hearing Voices
The phrase “hearing voices” has been associated with a state of mind where an individual hears words imperceptible to others. Drawing on the term’s flexibility, we like to think about “hearing voices” as a metaphor for a “listening” that generates real recognition, empathy, and understanding.
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