Brooklyn Through the Eyes Of

Every two months, Amant invites an artist based in New York to choose a specific location in Brooklyn and lead a unique guided tour of the site, informed by personal questions and interests. Guest artists are encouraged to experiment with the format and style of their guided tours while unveiling the innumerable worlds and stories Brooklyn has to offer.

Please note that all tours are open to the general public (via RSVP) and the number of people allowed in each tour varies depending on the tour location and the guest artists’ preferences.

Image: Alphabetical telephone directory covering the borough of Brooklyn, 1955. Brooklyn Public Library, licensed under CC by 4.0

Other active series
Discoursed and Discussed
These discursive events bring together Amant’s artistic programming, the research interests of its artists in residence, and themes related to the current moment in an ongoing and overlapping series of presentations by artists and scholars.
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Open Exchange
Open Exchange offers a platform for audience members and special guests to sit together in an open, non-hierarchical way and create a space for narratives and knowledge that are collectively formed and shared via storytelling, music listening parties, Indigenous talking circles, and spiritual teaching and healing sessions, among other forms.
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Long Seasons: Screenings at Géza
These ongoing film screenings extend through a six-month-long season and are open to the public during the weekends at Géza, our space dedicated to performance, moving image and time-based practices.
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Cardboard Walls
Cardboard Walls is Amant’s special performance series at Géza. Yearly, we invite a few performers to present their work via a condensed monographic.
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Show, Tell, Toast
In these informal gatherings, over drinks, Amant’s artists in residence present their research or invite a guest of their choice to make a short presentation.
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