Tilsa Otta

Tilsa Otta transits organically between written and audiovisual poetry. Her work explores the possibilities of language to communicate, incommunicate, and create new dimensions, moved by a mystical sense that sacralizes the profane and restores the hidden magic. At Amant, she will continue writing a poetic science fiction novel that confronts the emotional development of machines with the loss of social skills of a hyper-technological humanity, using metaphors as tools for empathic dissociation and nature as a fictional, therapeutic dimension. She will present her Pyrotechnic Poetry Workshop in spaces centered around the historical Latino and LGBTIQ communities in New York.

Tilsa was born in Lima and currently lives in Perú and México. She has published five poetry books, a comic book in collaboration with Rita Ponce de León, a collection of poems for children, the biography of Afro-Peruvian musician Pepe Villalobos, a collection of short stories, a collective writing experiment, and the novel The Golden Children of Sexual Alchemy. Her video work has been exhibited at festivals and exhibitions. She also creates workshops for children and adults, called the Pyrotechnic Poetry Workshop.

Photo: Rita Ponce de León