In art, subjective experience is in constant dialogue with crucial objective facts. In engaging with artworks, lived, shared interpretation and contextualization become a necessity. Our Learn program fosters this form of engagement, which, we believe, is key in cultivating a more equitable and empathetic future for all. All of our programs, from exhibitions to learnshops and residency programs, are centered on process and research.

Learnshops are small group experiences guided by different members of our creative community, promoting a plurality of knowledges. Guided by our interest in slowing down the art-making process, we design learnshops for audiences across generations and backgrounds, adaptable to different paces.

We organize focused, small group Concept Learnshops and Practice-Sharing Learnshops. Our Concept Learnshops reflect on our exhibitions and study lines. Themes and formats range and depend on who is invited to facilitate the session. Practice-Sharing Learnshops are facilitated by artists, community organizers, and curators who work at the intersection of art, education, and community.

For our younger audiences, we host free, hands-on, joyful activities every Second Saturday at 11:00am, which are led by our specialized Educator-in-Residence and open to all ages 6+. We encourage prior registration but drop-in participation is also welcome.

A workshop during the 2023 Brooklyn Art Book Fair. Photo by Daniel Wang.
Image from American Ledger No. 3 and Three Solos. Photo by Daniel Wang.
Image from So You … (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydice), Alvin Lucier.
Documentation Room, Gala Porras Kim Precipitation for an Arid Landscape
A group tour for Swinging Sixties Senior Center.
For each exhibition, we prepare an in-depth brochure that includes a map, information about the themes of the exhibition, the artist, and the artworks. Our brochures are freely available at our front desk in English and Spanish. We also provide ample exhibition insights on our Bloomberg Connects digital guide.
Additionally, we develop Learning Resources for our younger visitors and schools. They feature activities developed together with artists, educators, and community organizers that explore further connections with the art on view, the visitors’ own experiences, and the wider community.

Current Learning Resource for Shilpa Gupta I did not tell you what I saw, but only what I dreamt

Learning Resource for Sung Tieu Infra-Specter