At Amant, we engage with the world around us through learning together with a variety of folks: our artists, audiences, partners, neighbors, and extended community members. For us, learning combines listening and dialogue with an awareness that others have experiences and expertise that can help us better understand the role of art in our current moment and further shape our involvement in the world.

In turn, though our public program, we actively create opportunities for collective learning. Art offers a unique place for learning, where subjective experience is in constant dialogue with crucial objective facts, and where lived, shared interpretation and contextualization are a necessity. Such exercises, we believe, need harnessing if we want to foster a more equitable and empathetic future for all.
SFPC Sex Ed: Refusing Defaults, Inviting Revelations
A workshop during the 2022 Brooklyn Art Book Fair (Photo Daniel Wang)
Documentation Room, Gala Porras Kim Precipitation for an Arid Landscape
Cassandra Mayela Common Threads Learnshop
A group tour for Swinging Sixties Senior Center