All of our programs, from exhibitions to learnshops to residency programs, are centered on process and research.

Learnshops are small group experiences guided by different members of our creative community, promoting a plurality of knowledges. Guided by our interest in slowing down the art-making process, we design learnshops for audiences across generations and backgrounds, adaptable to different paces. We organize Family Learnshops (ages 5+) as well as Concept Learnshops and Practice-Sharing Learnshops (ages 18+).

See below for upcoming programs.

On select weekends, we offer Family Learnshops for participants ages 5+ we connect to our exhibitions by engaging in hands-on activities, such as drawing, weaving, and various types of object-making. Lead by local artists and facilitated by our Learn team, the family learnshops offer a place for creation, sharing of stories, and joy in the process of making. We encourage prior registration but drop-in participation is also welcome.

Image from monthly storytelling event Myth & Mouth.

Our Concept Learnshops are geared towards creating an intimate and meaningful learning experience that reflects our exhibitions and study lines. Themes and formats range and depend on who is invited to facilitate the session, but some workshops include writing, movement, vocal, and collective practices. These learnshops typically last 2 hours and are open to all, but prior registration is required.

Image from Discovering/ Recovering Sensation, Space and Time as Source Material movement learnshop with Sophia Treanor

In an effort to make our learning process visible and vulnerable, we organize Practice-Sharing Learnshops facilitated by artists, community organizers, and curators who work at the intersection of art, education, and community. These learnshops are created for educators, artists, curators with a Civic Engagement focus, as well as for community organizers interested in art.

Image from Collective Listening, Collective Dreaming: Practicing Hope with Amal Khalaf.

Love Expanded Love Extended
Our collaborations and alliances with artists, cultural workers, schools, and universities can take a variety of forms and approaches based on our mutual interests and resources.

The relationships built through co-organizing, listening, and collaboration is what we call Love Expanded Love Extended.

Collaborations can range from short-term events to long-term commitments to explore common concerns and foster shared ties to the place where we live.

Image from SFPC Sex Ed: Refusing Defaults/ Inviting Revelations.

Image from Brooklyn Art Book Fair, 2023. Photo by Daniel Wang.

The North Brooklyn Cultural Syndicate: The North Brooklyn Cultural Syndicate is a new joint initiative by Amant, the Bushwick Brooklyn Public Library, Eyebeam, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), Light Industry, St. Nicks Alliance, Union Docs, and Wendy’s Subway to further neighborhood relations, share information, and bring attention to the cultural offerings of the area. Each spring, we organize a collective Open House Day.

Brooklyn Autism Center: During each exhibition, Amant develops a unique program which includes a tour and activity for the BAC students. We create space for both the students and Amant educators to learn together. This collaboration is paving the way for Amant to become neurologically diverse.

Lyons Community School: Together with the Lyons Community School’s middle and high school students and educators, we produce learning initiatives through and with art that centers youth development and community. Lyons is based in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a ten-minute walk from Amant.

Brooklyn Art Book Fair: Every summer we partner with the Brooklyn Art Book Fair (a volunteer-run initiative) sharing our mutual interest in books and in supporting small, often self-organized publishing projects. During the fair, we co-host learnshops and talks, that expanding the art of bookmaking in a wide array of formats.

School for Poetic Computation: We like to collaborate with organizations for whom learning and developing new learning methods are key to their projects. Building on the (un)learnings from SFPC: Sex Ed, a workshop series organized by the Brooklyn-based School for Poetic Computation, we co-organized a full day of workshops, talks, and activations to re-imagine sex education as a pleasure and queer-centered pedagogical experiment.

Wendy’s Subway: Together with Bushwick-based reading room, writing space, and independent publisher Wendy’s Subway we develop a serial publication, Long Take, centered on our exhibitions, reference library, and events. Together with Wendy’s, we commission local arts writers to create an original piece, furher exploring relations between visual arts and writing.