For us, learning is a never-ending process of viewing, listening, talking, and making together.
Everything we organize is an occasion for learning, for creating experiences that show us and our audiences something we did not know beforehand about ourselves, our surroundings, and our communities.


On weekends, we offer docent-led tours of our ongoing exhibitions. These visits are for the general audience and highlight an artist’s practice, their context, the materials they use, and the possible connections with local concerns. You do not need to be a contemporary art expert to join the tour. All visits start outside of the 315 Maujer entrance, and last between 30-45 minutes. At 2pm we tour in English, and at 3pm in Spanish.

We also offer specialized group tours outside of this schedule for a modest fee. If you are interested please contact

Check here to view and download the guides of our current exhibitions.

Young People and Schools

We offer docent-led group visits for younger audiences (ages 9-18). These visits provide an in-depth view of the artists, their contexts, and materials and engage the group through interactive activities that involve personal interpretation as well as creative exercises.

During these visits, Amant provides Learning Resources with activities that help to frame our exhibitions for younger audiences. These Learning Resources are available in English and in Spanish and can be self-guided or led by a member of Amant’s Visitor Experience and Education team.

Tours for schools and younger audiences are free and can be scheduled on Thursdays and Fridays 10-6pm.


In our group visits for senior communities, we focus on storytelling and cross-generational knowledge sharing. With the assistance of a Visitor Engagement Representative, visitors view the exhibitions and artworks from up close to develop reciprocal conversations and share experiences afterwards over coffee and tea.

These tours and activities are available in both English and Spanish for groups of maximum 15 people and are designed for local senior centers and community associations.

If you are interested please contact


In our learnshops we delve into a specific concept or question related to an ongoing exhibition. These are small group experiences guided by an artist, writer, or scholar in which audience participation and conversation are key. The learnshops typically last 2 hours and are open to all, but registration is required.

Critical thinking learnshops: in these gatherings collective reading, interpretation, and discussion are the main forms of engagement.

Cross-generational and family learnshops: these group activities are focused on collective creation and interaction between different generations.

Visit Programs to have more information about our upcoming learnshops.


We have several resources available for visitors who are eager to further engage with our exhibitions, or who need special access guides.

  • Materials: A dedicated area in our Café & Bookstore for drawing, short creative prompts are inspired by our ongoing exhibitions.
  • Research Center: We are gradually building up a reference library made of books, magazines, and documentation that brings together materials related tour past exhibitions. Materials related to ongoing exhibitions can be perused in some of our galleries and we will soon have a dedicated, publicly accessible area housing all past materials.
  • Audioguides: For each exhibition, we offer descriptive audio guides in both Spanish and English, you can access them with your smartphone in our gallery or on our website.
  • Learning Resources: For each exhibition, we provide materials for self-guided visits, they can be accessed via your smartphone in our gallery or on our website.
  • Media Archive: in the library section on our website, you can see past publications, as well as conversations with artists in audio or video format with closed captions in English.